EuroChamber was founded by leading European and Mongolian companies with a strong support from the EU Delegation, to contribute to positive business environment in Mongolia through its work as a united voice of European and Mongolian businesses, and to increase business between Europe and Mongolia.


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MACU was formed in July 2015 to develop, produce, sell, distribute and market fine cheeses made in Mongolia. It is a company that brings a new approach to the commercial utilization of  Mongolia”s nomadic pastoral milk resources. MACU’s goal is to build out more than 100 small-scale cheesemaking facilities across the country and to make Mongolia’s cheeses a signature Mongolian brand. Six small cheesemakers now participate. MACU’s cheesemakers produce more than 15 products, many of which are world class, some of which are unique.

In February 2016, the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded MACU its biennial Silk Road Award for New and Innovative Technology. This award recognizes MACU’s developmental model. That model focuses on small-scale, decentralized cheesemaking based on milk of animals raised extensively. MACU takes such cheesemaking as and end in itself. The company also sees such cheesemaking as a catalyst for improving the productivity of Mongolia extensive animal husbandry and for enhancing the socio-environmental benefits that derive from them.

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