EuroChamber was founded by leading European and Mongolian companies with a strong support from the EU Delegation, to contribute to positive business environment in Mongolia through its work as a united voice of European and Mongolian businesses, and to increase business between Europe and Mongolia.


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Press Release Annual general meeting 2022 On February 23, 2022 – The European Mongolian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (EuroChamber) held its Annual General Meeting followed by a reception at the Best Western Premier Tuushin hotel. Annual general meeting addressed, as tradition, the members and stakeholders of the Chamber on all key topics, including:
  • Activity report 2021 and work plan for 2022
  • Financial status report
  • Membership growth
  • Board member election.
Out of our 150 overall members, 50 persons representing 32 companies participated in a hybrid format joining physically via online conferencing from Mongolia and abroad, including from partner organizations British Business Group (BBG), Deutsch-Mongolischer Unternehmensverband (DMUV) and French Mongolian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FMCCI). Guests of honour included representatives of European diplomatic community.
Annual General Meeting 2022 (EuroChamber Mongolia)
Annual General Meeting 2022 (EuroChamber Mongolia)
In his welcoming speech, the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Mark Gabel said “Starting any new endeavor is challenging, and I am proud that EuroChamber established itself strongly among leading international chambers active in Mongolia. We thank everyone who has contributed to the establishment and growth of the Chamber.” A keynote speech, delivered on behalf of HE Ambassador of the EU to Mongolia, Ms. A. Nicase by Mr. Adrien Mourgues, Director of Cooperation, highlighted the importance of EU-Mongolia economic engagement, the impact  of FDI to the socio-economic development and praised EuroChambers’ contribution to the improvement of investment climate in Mongolia.
Mr. Adrien Mourges,Director of Cooperation, Delegation of European Uniton to Mongolia speaking (far right)
Mr. Adrien Mourges,Director of Cooperation, Delegation of European Uniton to Mongolia speaking (far right)
“It is a pleasure to say some opening remarks for this Annual general Meeting of Eurochamber. Unfortunately the Ambassador cannot be here because we are in the middle of the 14th Inter Parliamentary Meeting between the EU and Mongolia. A little more than two years ago, the launch of Eurochamber signalled the appetite from European companies to not only discover but also invest in Mongolia. It was a milestone in advancing the interests of European investors. EuroChamber had the ambition to become a platform for dialogue between businesses and the government and a one-stop-shop for information on local investment and market conditions. Today, EuroChamber is a reality with hundreds of members and is open to membership for EU and Mongolian companies that share the same values, as well as established National business associations. I appreciate the fact that three bilateral national businesses associations are members of Eurochamber, increasing the critical mass of our advocacy. I would like to thank the Founding Members for their efforts to launch the European Chamber of Commerce. I would also like to thank the Member Companies and National Business associations that are part of this endeavour.” Shortly after the speeches, the Executive Director Mr. Tomas Bravenec addressed the assembly with the Activity Report of 2021, giving in depth analysis of what the Chamber achieved in the past year through the activities. EuroChamber prides itself in advocacy and policy, therefore emphasized on efforts made from the Chamber on behalf of the members to ease business challenges, improve foreign investment climate and six working groups initiatives that received positive feedback from the busines community. In 2021, two important position papers were published (available here) on ‘Foreign Direct Investment Climate in Mongolia” and “Labor Law Revision”. Close working partner European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) provided business insight with their information session. We thank our partner for the active participation. (Download the presentation from here). One of the highlights of the event was the Board election – with a record high candidacy of ten senior business representatives running for four seats on the Board – underscoring the interest of business leaders to shape the strategic direction and work of the Chamber. EuroChamber thanks everyone for their candidacy and we cordially welcome the newly appointed directors to the Board, namely Mrs. Bolormaa Luvsandorj of Golomt Bank, Ms. Klaartje Genbrugge of Yamaa BV, Mr. Nasantulga Siizkhuu of CRM, and last, but not least, Mr. Peter Butler of Rio Tinto Mongolia. We would like to take this opportunity to wish success and to our newly elected Board members while extending our utmost appreciation to outgoing Board members Mr. Mark Eberst and Mr. Steve Potter for their valuable contribution to the success of EuroChamber.
Newly elected Board members with EuroChamber Executive Director(From left to right: Nasantulga Siizkhuu, Klaartje Genbrugge, Tomas Bravenec, Bolormaa Luvsandorj and Peter Butler)
Newly elected Board members with EuroChamber Executive Director
(From left to right: Nasantulga Siizkhuu, Klaartje Genbrugge, Tomas Bravenec, Bolormaa Luvsandorj and Peter Butler)
The constituting meeting of the renewed Board will be held within one month, to appoint, among others, a new Chairman. All AGM participants and Board members acknowledged with gratitude the invaluable contribution of the outgoing Chairman, Mr. Mark Gabel, to the establishment and success of EuroChamber. Mr. Gabel will remain on the Board, representing a founding member – MSM Group. Based on the approved Activity plan, EuroChamber is poised to deliver even more value to its members in 2022 in all areas of our work, through working groups, B2B as well as social events. Business and Investment climate, Connectivity and logistics, Sustainable development will continue to be cornerstones of our policy work, while spearheading advocacy on behalf of our members towards better legal and regulatory framework, and even playing field for all stakeholders. Please join the ranks of our members go get your voice heard, and contribute to the success of business in Mongolia.