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Khan Bank

Khan Bank, with over 547 branches nationwide, is the largest commercial bank operating in Mongolia, providing all types of banking services to an estimated 70% of all Mongolian households, or 2.6 million customers.

The bank was established in 1991 as Agricultural Cooperative Bank, with branches nationwide, as a result of the dissolution of State Bank of Mongolia. Even though most of the rural assets and operations were transferred from State Bank of Mongolia to private hands, extensive political influence remained. In 2000, an external management team, funded by USAID, was brought in to implement a recovery plan under the World Bank’s guidance and the Government of Mongolia assumed the bank’s privatization and recapitalization. Through the successful recovery plan, the bank was privatized through a transparent and highly competitive international tender in 2003.

At the time, Sawada Holdings Co., LTD, headquartered in Japan, acquired 100% of the Bank’s shares, but later sold 40% of its shares to Tavan Bogd Trade Ltd. In 2006, the Bank officially started operating as Khan Bank LLC.

Khan Bank holds a banking license issued by the Bank of Mongolia on November 11, 2006, and operates under regulations relating to banks and the opening of branches approved by Bank of Mongolia Governor’s Decree 375, dated 2000, in compliance with the Mongolian Law on Banks Article 17, provision 2.

For the 30 years since its establishment, Khan Bank has been able to earn the trust of its customers with its strong financial performance and reliability, and many frontier fin-tech advances we were the first to introduce to the Mongolian market, such as mobile banking, internet banking, applications and kiosks, which allow customers to be served anytime and anywhere, changing paradigm of traditional banking models to technology-based digital banking. As a result of our contributions to increasing the use of digital banking in order to decrease workloads for tellers, we have expanded our service channels by operating over 204 Express Banking centers, over 1,200 ATMs, 144 KIOSK machines and working with over 24,000 merchants operating more than 30,000 POS terminals.

Khan Bank Tower, Chinggis Avenue-6, Stadium Orgil-1, Khan-Uul District,