EuroChamber was founded by leading European and Mongolian companies with a strong support from the EU Delegation, to contribute to positive business environment in Mongolia through its work as a united voice of European and Mongolian businesses, and to increase business between Europe and Mongolia.


UBH Center, 11th Floor, Suite No 1111, 1 st khoroo Sukhbaatar District, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

(+976) 9575 2050


Interview with U.Bolortuya, Managing Partner, Tsogt and Nandin LLP (law firm)

What is your company’s most significant accomplishment in the past year? What is your company’s priority for this year?

We have successfully overcome the post-covid period. We accepted and were open to the need to change from the traditional way to the new normal in terms of finance, management, and human resource policies. That helped us to succeed during this period. This year, we aim to standardize our legal professional services and bring them to the next level. By doing this, not only “lawyer-client” but also “lawyer-lawyer” relationships should be standardized – it could increase productivity and reduce risks caused by uncertainty.

What is a good experience at your company that you would like to share with others?

We have been providing legal services in the business sector for over 20 years. We aim to provide business-oriented, down-to-earth advice and services by understanding the real needs of our clients while prioritizing professionalism. We provided legal services in many areas. We have many experiences such as – participating as an expert in several international arbitration disputes, successfully resolving major tax disputes, being responsible for legal issues in the establishment of a private stock exchange, and participating in due diligence investigations in large transnational transactions.

Please describe yourself in 5 words.

open-minded, empathetic, affiliative leading, coffee lover, feminist

Please tell us what kind of book/ movie/ drama or any other art that made the deepest impression on you recently.

“Soyoliin urtuu” (Cultural station) magazine. I felt that it was a work that interestingly expressed who we are (Mongolians) through the historical research of cultural studies and allowed us to look at our culture and traditions from a different angle.

What has been the most significant benefit of being a member of EuroChamber Mongolia?

I am open to presenting specific problems faced by businesses at the policy level and participating in solving them as an individual or as an organization. Also, the activities of working groups are held regularly. These activities serve as a channel for obtaining a wide range of information and networking. This makes it easier to sense the market and business environment and to make decisions in one’s own activities.